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How does eSureCoin operates?

eSureCoin is at the centre of Banks, Telecom operators, customers and is using technology to interconnect.  It is multi-national and brings together customers and transactions from everyone to lower costs.  The technology innovations help us to do it faster and cheaper than you can imagine.  We are hosted in the cloud which allows us to be present internationally at the best speed and close to where you live.  Our back-end is located in a highly secured datacenter.

We also integrated Bitcoin on our platform for those that want an even lower cost on international transfers or for those that already want to jump to the currency of the future right now.

What is Digital Wallet on Bitcoins means?

It is an open source software creating crypto currency called bitcoins. This means, that no person, company or country owns this software. It is guaranteed to exist forever.

Since the system works without a central repository or single administrator, it categorizes as a decentralized virtual currency.

It has global acceptability on a growing market capitalization of over 17 Billion USD in the beginning of 2017.

 How to handle Bitcoin volatility?

The Bitcoin rate like any other currency can go up and down against other currencies.

As such, its volatility is created by trade only.  At this moment, China is the largest ‘Bitcoin miner’ and represents about 40% of the guarantee of the currency’s stability.

eSureCoin wallets ease volatility by offering quick conversion into domestic currency and also systematic investment plans, so you don’t take an unwarranted position at high price point .

What innovation does eSureCoin offer?

eSureCoin wallet can support all permissible and approved asset class to arrive at conversion of domestic currency or USD for remitting the funds.

Our main purpose of developing the solution is faster remittance in a secure complaint way , which is full understood by our B2B customers- Banks , Telco as well us fulfill P2P transaction on our wallets.

We map the  currency on the comfort level of our partner bank or Telco and engage with process driven data analytics approach for providing liquidity to our accounts( where we are active), which is used to transfer money to beneficiary’s account instantaneously.