Become a partner of eSureCoin as a Customer by doing peer-to- peer (P2P) transactions or as a full fledged retail financial services Business (B2B).

Banks and Financial Institutions (B2B): Banks can offer instant international remittance to their customers at a lower cost.

Banks can also offer Bitcoin purchase or Gold or alternate asset class and sale to their customer by integrating with our platform.

Banks can also lower their costs for international transfers.  Different solutions are available.  Read more

Telecom operators (B2B): International remittance is now possible to reach new customers.  We offer integration in your Mobile wallet.

Telecom operators can as now also offer Bitcoin purchase and sale to their customers by integrating with our platform.

We recommend to offer inter-operability among many mobile wallets within the country and cross-border trade solutions.

We believe, going cash-less is the future and we are future-ready.

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