What is eSureCoin ( eSC)?

eSC is an online platform that helps you to remit funds in digital wallet of your beneficiary’s wallet instantly. The middleware part of the technology helps to ensure the remitter and beneficiary quench the fear of loss of days for receiving funds, where eSC remittance network is active.

We also offer inter-operable platform , which enhances collaboration among Telco’s mobile wallet and Banking accounts, with options of domestic and cross-border settlement.

We have dedicated software which can host internet banking platform for the bank’s customer and facilitate quick transfer.

You link your mastercard, visa, mobile wallet or your bank account.  You decide on funds to be transferred and it reaches the end beneficiary wallet in your next blink.

We also offer purchase and sale of Bitcoins and offer integrated services for fast, cheap and sure international money transfers.


We solve problems through innovation

eSureCoin-team has bankers, crypto-graphers and payments experts with decades of experience on services innovation and execution of building world class institution.

We understand the anxiety and delay in receiving money through traditional channels.

We help you to  use your preferred mode of payments through your bank account and combine it with rich technology tool powered by esurecoin.com.

Experience the difference, download the eSureCoin.app to get started or connect to our online platform, directly.

How do I trust eSureCoin?

We offer our services through your existing banking channel , where your relationship and trust exists. We rely on bank’s core strength to adhere to  Know your customer(KYC) guidelines  and Anti-Money Laundering ( AML) as prescribed by the central bank, on each customer. Thus,  our cutting edge technology ,only supports clean money going fastest ( or at best price) into the designated family member for their regular needs or simply making an authentic trade payments.

For offer checks and controls, as an example ,  transaction up to 500$ , we expedite simple business rules, authorization tress and if you want to use our services for higher amounts, we equip your bank to understand the use of funds for remittance and perform appropriate background checks and ensure compliance.

We offer tracking services, which means you can see your funds moving to beneficiary’s wallet within minutes. So we win your trust with speed of our services and with communication on email and SMS.

Benefits with eSurecoin

  1. Local presence in India, Africa with global access.
  2. Online support services 24×7.
  3. Immediate conversion of your money in digital wallet and remitted to your beneficiary.
  4. Fastest transfer of money around the world to your beneficiary wallet
  5. One platform for customers (P2P) and business (B2B) giving customers an easy transition to business services, keeping your existing bank and mobile wallet service provider offer value added services to you.


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